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How to look and feel great with Quantum’s Power Plate

2019-May-10 by  News Admin  

Acceleration training helps enhance performance and fitness

Everyone wants to feel and look great. Touching the very heart of the universal desire for fitness and well-being is vibration technology, the latest technology to take the fitness world by storm. Power Plate may be the panacea or miracle cure we have all been waiting for.

Power Plate, a fitness machine that gives the body’s muscles a workout by using vibrations, was discovered back in 1960 in Germany and was used in the 1970s by the Russians who used vibration training in their space program. It was further developed in the 1990s by Guus van der Meer, a Dutch Olympic trainer, who made a number of improvements to the existing technology.

Power Plate experienced rapid growth to over 100 countries during the 2000’s and is leading manufacturer of Acceleration Training machines. It is the only specialized company in this field to be certified as a medical device manufacturer.

Advanced vibration technology works by stimulating your body’s automatic muscle reactions using up to 95% of muscle fibers, compared to as little as 20 percent with traditional gym equipment. It does this with the help of Newton’s second law that “force = mass x acceleration”.

One of its chief benefits is that it saves time. A 10 minute session on the Power Plate is equivalent to 60 minutes on other equipment. What’s more, Power Plate offers the benefits of physical activity to those who may not otherwise be able to participate in traditional forms of exercises.

Power Plate is being introduced to Sri Lanka by the pioneer in fitness equipment Quantum Fitness. Chairman of Quantum Fitness, Nomal Wijeyaratne speaking on this new innovation noted, “Acceleration Training is high intensity training unlike anything you would have tried before. You will burn fat, improve coordination and flexibility and increase strength enhancing your performance while reducing the amount of time you need to spend training giving  you a total body work out – including massage in only 30 minutes. Power Plate makes workouts faster and more efficient, so you get the most out of your workout and reach goals sooner than you ever have before.”

The Power Plate is used across physical therapy and chiropractic practitioners, club fitness, spa and beauty, women’s wellness, corporate wellness, hospitality and also elderly care.  Power Plate is well suited for both men and women. Forget the idea that men and women need different work outs. In most cases men and women should train the same. They have varying goals perhaps, yet these goals are actually achieved with the same programs.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the Power Plate product range in Sri Lanka. Already various programs are under way to promote Power Plate to gyms and business partners. Even my elderly parents (who are in their 80's and 90's) - are avid users, and achieved an excellent state of health. My parents’ medical incidences literally went to zero, the medication drastically reduced over a period of two years thanks to the fitness levels generated from using the Power Plate on a daily basis,” Wijeratne added.

Corporates wanting to make positive changes for their employees could launch a FitStop opportunity as part of their corporate wellness program. Power Plate in the workplace is a great asset to improve mobility, reduce stiffness, re-energize body and mind, and release tension in the lower back.

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