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JKOA launches XYZprinting 3D printers

2017-Oct-31 by  News Admin  

Sri Lanka’s leading provider of office automation solutions, John Keells Office Automation (JKOA), recently introduced the innovative 3D printer brand XYZprinting to the local market.

XYZprinting is the world’s leading desktop 3D printer brand, which makes 3D printing accessible and affordable to the public. It is dedicated to bringing cost-effective 3D printing to educators and classrooms, consumers and artists, small- and mid-sized businesses and households around the world.

“The introduction of the innovative XYZprinting 3D printer brand to Sri Lanka is a landmark event, enabling new horizons to open up for the local industry. Whatever preconceived notions you had about the capabilities of printers to date, be prepared for them to be shattered. With XYZprinting products, you now have a whole new, boundless world of creativity accessible to you,” Dinukshi Kirthisinghe, Product Manager, JKOA, said.

With proven industry expertise, XYZprinting has broken down the barriers of 3D printer ownership by providing an easy-to-use device that delivers an outstanding user experience, via a computer or a smart device.

XYZprinting products currently offered by JKOA include the daVinci range, encompassing the 3D Pen, the Color, the MiniMaker, the Mini WiFi, the 1.0Aand the 2.0A DUO, as well as the Nobel 1.0A, Nobel Superfine, the UV Curing Chamber and the 3D Scanner Pro.

The daVinci 3D Pen is a standalone device that allows kids and adults alike to create 3D objects or doodles without the need of computers or Computer-assisted Design software.

The daVinci Color is the world’s first full-color FFF inkjet 3D printer, with this technology patented by XYZprinting for the next 20 years.

Ready to go right out of the box, the daVinciMiniMaker and Mini WiFi are introductory, plug and play 3D printers for beginners. The daVinci 1.0A is an intermediate 3D printer for professionals, while the daVinci 2.0A DUO is also an intermediate 3D printer with the added advantage of two print heads in one machine to enable two materials and/or colors to be printed simultaneously.

Further, the Nobel 1.0A and Nobel Superfineare advanced 3D printers using SLA technology for prints needing extremely high resolution such as for jewelry and prints needing delicate details.

Compact and light-weight, XYZprinting 3D Scanner Pro allows easy movement around the desired target for no fuss scanning with no large, complicated equipment necessary. This product is the most versatile, lightweight, and affordable 3D scanner on the market right now.

XYZprinting 3D printers are great in catering to the following sectors: Education, for use with science projects, or arts and crafts; Medical, utilized for casts and prototyping bones, teeth, etc.;Engineering, when used in custom making parts for new inventions; Construction, for prototyping buildings, houses and apartments, to show customers prior to completion; and even in the creation of Jewelry.

Sources : dailynews

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