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Convenience Redefined: Union Assurance launches a new customer portal

2019-Jul-08 by  News Admin  

Union Assurance (UA) is known for their commitment to deliver their brand promise of Trust at all times. Upholding to their brand values is part of UA’s ethos. Convenience, Transparency and Respectfulness is reflected in all UA’s business activities and decisions. Being a customer centric organisation paying heed to the voice of customer takes centre stage at Union Assurance. It is a well-known fact that Insurance is not an easy subject to understand across local and international markets. Hence it is important that Insurance companies take the initiative to simplify Insurance in a way that the common customer would understand.

As a common customer of Insurance, one would want to know how much money they have invested in their Insurance policy, the benefits they are entitled to, the status of their claims, payment methods and when it is due etc. Such information should be readily available to the customer where it could be accessed easily and also in the simplest manner where the customer can understand at a glance.

Understanding these concerns UA launched its new customer portal with enhanced features addressing the above said requirements of the customer. The information is now readily available at the click of a button which makes life easier for the customers. Being true to the values of Convenience and Transparency UA has developed a new experience for its customers. This new experience will allow all customers to stay updated on their life funds, keep track of the claims and pay premiums online in a seamless way while on the go at their convenience, which also makes the process Transparent.

The new customer portal can be accessed through or via the official Union Assurance website ( Once the customer logs in they will be directed to the newly introduced customer dashboard. The Dashboard includes all the information that the customer needs to know about their life insurance policy/policies at a glance. Main highlights of the features that are enabled on the Dashboard are Policy Information, My Claims and Pay Premiums Online options.

Policy Information Section is a fully customized feature where the customers can view all the details related to the life insurance policies that they have purchased. This section includes comprehensive details such as total life fund, policy status, maturity dates, premium breakdown and next premium due date to keep the customer up to date. In addition, through the ‘View My Policy’ option all the customers will be able to access the e-Policy book of their respective life insurance solutions on the go.

It has always been a hassle for the customers to keep a note of the claims they have raised. The new customer portal provides the ideal solution for this major concern through the ‘Track My Claims’ option. This allows the customers to keep track of the list of claims they have raised including their status, settlement dates and respective amounts.

The new customer portal will provide convenient options for the customers to access the major services required to keep track of the insurance policies. UA will also integrate other convenient features to the current customer portal to provide a seamless experience for the customers.

UA is anchored by a team of experienced and dynamic professionals and is backed by a strong capital base and reinsurance partnerships with highly rated global reinsurers. The company is on its mission to deliver a seamless customer journey in order to provide a distinctive experience for its policy holders. This will be powered with its digital strategy along with the integration of novel technologies and the team of dedicated team members.

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