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The use of death penalty for drug trafficking is not an effective deterrent: Canada

2019-Jun-27 by  News Admin  

Canada is deeply concerned by reports that Sri Lanka is considering a reversal of its long-standing moratorium on the death penalty.

A statement issued via the High Commission of Canada to Sri Lanka said that, Canada strongly and unequivocally opposes the use of the death penalty in all cases.

The statement further stressed;

This form of punishment is incompatible with human dignity and can lead to irreversible miscarriages of justice. No justice system is immune from error.

While action to counter the illicit drug trade is important and necessary, there is no evidence that the death penalty is an effective deterrent. Further, the resumption of executions could attract global attention and would do little to rebuild Sri Lanka’s image as a peaceful and welcoming destination for travelers and investment.

We join many Sri Lankans and friends of Sri Lanka around the world in urging the government to maintain the moratorium on the death penalty.

Sources : adaderana

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