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eChannelling introduces artificial intelligence based Chatbot

2019-Jun-14 by  News Admin  

eChannelling, the largest Doctor Channeling Network in Sri Lanka, has launched the Chatbot for the first time in Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry. To provide this convenient method to its customers, eChannelling has joined hands with Autochatic, creators of the world’s only no-coding, context-aware multilingual Chatbot building platform. Autochatic is headquartered in Paris and has operations in Europe, Singapore, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

eChannelling Chatbot is the very first artificial intelligence based channeling bot in the country leveraging on Facebook’s messenger platform. Through this, patients can channel a doctor and complete the transaction, including making payments. The Chatbot is yet another state-of-the-art digital initiative by eChannelling, a 24X7 virtual agent that provides a human-like experience to find information such as doctors’ availability, doctors’ sessions etc. It also provides real-time updates of appointment sessions.

The Chatbot helps channel a doctor and complete the transaction, but plans to expand into other aspects such as making changes in the channeling details, ongoing number updates, and initiating no show refund requests. eChannelling customers benefit by way of less human interaction, more customer engagements, secure data transmission, easy access and time saving.

Customers can access the Chatbot on their mobiles via Messenger & or initiating a chat through eChannelling Facebook page.

Sources : dailyNews

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