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Airport Travels Holdings (Pvt) Ltd’s newest venture – Taxiyak

2017-Dec-06 by  News Admin  

Established in 1996, Airport Travels Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is a company specializing in passenger transportation to all parts of Sri Lanka. The company commenced business providing transportation to passengers to and from the airport, which continues as their core service, however their services are now enhanced to meet a wider range of transportation needs desired by the customer.  With their rich history in the industry, the company has now amalgamated their experience with innovation bringing to life innovative customer service touch points where customers can reach, connect and collaborate in a timely, convenient and seamless manner.

Airport Travels Holdings (Pvt) Ltd's newest venture, Taxiyak very recently concluded its driver registrations and is now preparing to launch its innovative mobile phone Application to the customers. With the flavour of Sinhalese embedded in its very name, Taxiyak, the taxi booking and trip scheduling App aims to colour your journey as its tagline promises. The organization strongly believes that drivers and vehicles are what fuel the ecosystem, and have taken constructive measures to ensure drivers are satisfied with the right commission structure and vehicles are evaluated stringently prior to operation.

Moreover, Taxiyak aims to add value to users by enabling them to pursue on their journeys, smartly and safely by offering riders the finest riding experience. The company also intends to entice and retain its riders by continuously finding ways to better exceed their expectations through innovative offerings and services. The key functionalities of this App would be the ‘Quick Book’ feature that gives the user the luxury of booking a taxi in a matter of seconds and the ‘Pre-book’ feature that will help the user plan and schedule his trip in advance.

Taxiyak is more than just a pick & drop service, they are a vibrant and proactive brand that delivers possibility. The Taxiyak team believes in breaking boundaries and going beyond conventional thinking, by empowering users with choices for a better riding experience.

Managing Director of Taxiyak, Mr. Hanif Ibrahim, speaking to us said, “With the finest and best local talent working around the clock to ensure system superiority our services will facilitate users to do more, go more and get the most out of life.”

Speaking of the specialties and features of the latest Taxi booking and Trip Scheduling App, Taxiyak’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Ms. Indika Wijayaratna said, ‘Taxiyak will be a digital one stop shop for all your travel requirements to be fulfilled in just a few clicks. The App also comes with functionalities that enable ­­the user to schedule and plan trips with ease!”

The brand promises more than just pick and drop services but also believes that their ability to mobilize people and vehicles, gives them the ability and also the responsibility to help the society at large. With the mantra of ‘doing well, by doing good’, the Taxiyak Foundation by the name of ‘Arunalla’ was established to assist and aid relevant social and societal issues. Infact this ethos has been engrained in their very technology, where users can opt to give a donation at the end of each trip towards the charitable foundation, implying the organization has taken proactive measures to drive social responsibility.

Making no compromise, the Taxiyak App is built with latest services and security protocols to ensure customer data stays secure and intact. Much rigor has been put in ensuring users as well as drivers can have a hassle free riding experience, by recruiting drivers who only fit the Taxiyak corporate driver profile. With an ‘SOS’ button built within the interface both users and drivers can get immediate assistance from the Taxiyak team and relevant authorities, on a single click. Empowering families with the Taxiyak ‘Family Profile’, parents can now allocate allowances and track their child’s trips, giving complete ride safety assurance.

The Taxiyak team constantly stays curious and is delighted towards any opportunity that is disruptive, value adding and innovative. With much optimism, the company is all set to make their technology advanced transport management system, Taxiyak available to the public. Now you can download the Taxiyak App from the APP store or the Playstore and enjoy the numerous benefits and unique riding experience that the platform offers.


Sources : Ada Derana

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