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Broadband usage very high among Sri Lankan medium, large enterprises

2017-Sep-13 by  News Admin  

The use of broadband among the Sri Lankan medium and large enterprise segment is very high, said Therica Miyannadeniya, Director of Emerging Vertical and Qualitative Research, Nielsen Sri Lanka.

This was disclosed with the presentation of the Sri Lanka Broadband Survey Report at the Broadband Forum held yesterday in Colombo.

Online purchasing in Sri Lanka was very low which mainly focused on personal accessories and electronic accessories across age groups. However, older age group was engaged with more touch points such as channeling, groceries, airline ticking and household products.

The usage of broadband services among employees of larger enterprises has been equally high on for both primary and secondary business functions it further revealed. This high usage runs across different types of broadband connections such as 4G/LTE, leased line, mobile data, dongle, fiber line and ADSL.

Here the report recommended that more opportunities made available for customized packages and bundled offerings to cater to the high demand for different types of connections and devices. There was also a opportunity to create awareness and drive cloud based services.

Miyannadeniya said although most of the small enterprises use broadband services, the percentage of employees using broadband within the organization was not high. The majority use broadband for their primary business functions such as sales and marketing, logistics and operations with 4G/LTE connections and ADSL being the main type of broadband connection used. It was revealed that about a fifth of small enterprises consider using a different type of connection mainly 4 G/LTE connections in the next one year.

It was thus recommended that small enterprises should consider upgrading to more advanced connectivity offerings like lease lines and fiber connections.

The survey further revealed that broadband usage was high for data through smart phone, which consisted of 86 percent especially among the younger generation while ADSL and 4G, LTE connection were aligned with the older age group.

The report recommended that affordable smart phones should be made available for the younger age group and increases the scope for 4 G/LTE connections among the older age group.

Miyannadeniya said the main data usage has been for browsing the internet and social networking apps. This is relatively higher among the younger age group while the need to connect internationally is higher among older age groups.

* Over 95% access internet in Sri Lanka using smart phones, 23% with laptops and 11 from desktops

* Majority of users say they have no issues with broadband and about 30% complained about low speed

* Nearly 16% Lankans are constantly connected to internet

* Only 13% Lankans make purchase through internet 

Sources : dailynews

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