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Dipra Engineers wins Gold at CNCI Achievers Awards 2017

2017-Aug-22 by  News Admin  

Dipra Engineers won the Gold Award for Medium Category - National Level Service Sector at the CNCI Achievers Awards 2017 for Industrial Excellence, organized by the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries and held at the Galadari Hotel, Colombo, recently.

The Chief Guest was President Maithripala Sirisena.

The Ceylon National Chamber of Industries, the premier industrial chamber in the country, annually offers the opportunity to entrepreneurs in the industrial sector of Sri Lanka to vie for honours for their achievements in the fields of manufacturing and service industries.

"Achieving this award was a great victory for Team Dipra after 18 years of dedication and commitment. I would like to thank my teams at every level for their hard work, great efforts and proper planning and management skills which led us to this victorious moment," said Dipra Engineers Chairman, D. D. Anton.

Dipra Engineers, a leading company with expertise in the manufacture of material hoists since 1999, has expanded to numerous fields such as the supply, installation and commissioning of steam boilers, a wide range of passenger lifts and home lifts, EOT cranes, hydraulic lifters, dock levelers, a full range of manual and electric hoists, construction hoists, dockyard ship building shed travelers, car parking systems and dumbwaiters. The firm recently introduced a wheelchair lift to the nation.

Significantly, Dipra Engineers has over 1,600 units functioning in the country and has been able to extend its products and services to Bangladesh, the Maldives, Ethiopia, India and Nepal.

As a company, it has exhibited excellence in providing quality products and valuable service in material handling for 18 years and this has seen it obtain the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

The company recently introduced construction equipment for the civil sector. The products are from Fast Verdini based in Italy and are different, superior and have outstanding characteristics. Considering the growth rate of the construction sector of the country, Dipra Engineers believes that the construction equipment will be a vital resource for the civil sector.

Dumbwaiter is another newly popularized concept for the hotel sector to handle food delivery in multi-storied hotels. It is a simple construction and a convenient device for hoteliers which meet all safety requirements. Dipra Engineers has supplied, installed and commissioned dumbwaiters to Hilton Hotel Weerawila and to the Dental Hospital, Colombo, recently.

For wheelchair users who cannot use a staircase, a residential vertical lift is a great way to ensure that safe and convenient entry and exit to the house.

The wheelchair lift concept has been introduced by the company. The equipment possesses the advantages of easy operation and high safety.

Car parking solutions is another new amenity Sri Lanka needs as parking of vehicles in busy and commercial places has become a serious problem.

In order to find solutions, Dipra has introduced different types of parking systems, starting from residents to restaurants, highrise buildings and public car parking areas.

The electro-hydraulically operated dock leveler is another contemporary product. This can be used to bridge the gap between the loading bays at factories.

The device mainly ensures safe and economic loading. Dipra has supplied and installed dock levelers to MAS Thulhiriya and Kilinochchi. Recently, the traditional methods of ascending staircases has become weaker and the demand for elevators has grown immensely due to the rapid rise in construction of multi-storied buildings. Therefore, Dipra has introduced passenger and home elevators in numerous brands to the market at favorable rates.

Dipra Engineers has done several overseas projects in Bangladesh, Chittagong, Dhaka and Comilla.

It has supplied and installed passenger lifts and material hoists for MAS, Soorati and Vertex garment factories and designed, supplied and installed material hoists for the Brandix factory in Vishakhapatnam, India. Dipra supplied and installed dumbwaiters for hotels and supplied and installed material hoists for Jay Jay Mills in Ethiopia.

Sources : dailynews

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