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Biomed International installes Lanka’s first 3D Technology in Operating Theatre at Sri Jayewardenepura

2017-Aug-08 by  News Admin  

Biomed International (Pvt) Ltd, a pioneer in the Medical Equipment Industry has introduced yet another country’s first with the installation of Three Dimensional (3D) High Definition Video Laparoscopy System at Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital, Kotte for Urological Surgery.

The 3D HD Laparoscopy System installed is being successfully used by the team at Sri Jayayawardenapura Hospital headed by Consultant Urologist and Transplant Surgeon Dr.Niroshan Seneviratne.The commissioning of the System has created a new benchmark in technology and has added value to the pioneering medical and nursing team to better their care and service for patients in the region.

The salient feature of the 3D HD Laparoscopy System is that, when minimally invasive procedures are performed by the surgical team, sharp 3 Dimension view of organs are captured in the monitor screen and the surgical team utilizes / wears 3D glasses to view the images up-close, which enhances the feeling that one can actually touch the organs viewed on screen.

The state of the art 3D Laparoscopy System manufactured by B.Braun Aesculap AG, Germany renderers many benefits for Laparoscopic Urological surgery said Dr. M. Seneviratne.

“It provides better view of the internal surgical field where the procedure is being performed, allowing the surgical team to get depth-perception, gives greater magnification and view of the urinary system including reproductive organs and many other advantages.”

“The 3D HD feature helps make suturing easier in Urology surgeries compared to a 2D Laparoscopy system.”

The ability to perform Surgeries laparoscopically where the surgeon looks into a live video image is a contrast from open-surgery (laparotomy), where the surgeons would be looking down at the area of surgery, after performing a large-cut in the abdomen.

Laparoscopy is used in urology at the Sri Jayewardenepura Hospital for both kidney and prostate surgery.

“With the 3D Laparoscopy System installed at Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital it has taken Laparoscopic surgeries performed at the hospital into a whole new level benefiting both the surgical team and patients,” said Chamindra Dharmapala, Deputy General Manager-Sales, Biomed International (Pvt) Ltd.

“Several private sector hospitals too have contacted us to obtain this machine.”

Biomed International (Pvt) Ltd is aa pioneer in the Medical Equipment Industry since 1989 which is renowned for introducing and delivering cutting edge technology to the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka.

Sources : dailynews

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