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Rani Sandalwood celebrates 78 years

2019-Jun-17 by  News Admin  

For nearly eight decades, Rani Sandalwood soap has remained at the pinnacle of beauty care in Sri Lanka, earning a sterling reputation for its’ numerous benefits, unparalleled quality and consistent value.

Rani Sandalwood soap has the distinction of being the first Sri Lankan beauty soap to emerge in the local market. Launched by Swadeshi in 1941, the soap captured the hearts of its’ target market. Impressively, even today, despite fierce competition within the segment, Rani Sandalwood soap remains the country’s best Sandalwood based beauty soap.

The myriad benefits Sandalwood offers in terms of both beauty and wellbeing, are historically and medically documented; and today, Sandalwood is one of the most sought after ingredients in both the toiletries and perfume industries.With a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap into, Swadeshi has bent its expertise to the creation of three exciting new additions to the Rani Sandalwood line.

Rani Sandalwood Soap with Coconut Cream and Vanilla, Rani Sandalwood with Rose Water and Saffron, and Rani Sandalwood with Honey, Venivel and Turmeric, are now widely available across the island.

Describing these variants a company spokesperson said “Offering our customers the best possible products made with the most trusted and efficacious ingredients, has always been our priority.”

Sources : dailyNews

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