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Lankem Ceylon’s Agrapatana, Kotagala plantations secure Rainforest Alliance certifications

2019-Jun-11 by  News Admin  

Agrapatana Plantations Limited and Kotagala Plantations PLC of Lankem Ceylon PLC have been awarded with the Rainforest Alliance certification for meeting and upholding rigorous global standards concerning the wellbeing of its workforce, community and the environment.

This certification covers a total of 08 estates from the Agras region (Balmoral, Diyagama East, Glasgow, Holmwood, New Potmore, Sandringham and Torrington), 08 Estates in Uva region (Beauvais, Dambetenne, Gonamotawa, Glenanore, Haputale, Kahagala, Nayabedda and Pita Ratmalie) and 07 Estaes in Kotagala up-country region (Craigie Lea, Drayton, Derryclare, Mayfield, Mt. Vernon, Stronycliff and Yuillefield).

The Rainforest Alliance certificate is awarded for environmentally, socially and economically conscious companies for demonstrating highest standards of sustainable operational and manufacturing initiatives.

Agrapatana Plantations and Kotagala Plantations have dutifully adopted environmental and social best practices to maintain an efficient work environment and are already compliant with other global standards including ethical tea partnerships.

The certification from the Rainforest Alliance confirms the Agrapatana Plantations’ and Kotagala Plantations’ compliance with the requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN). The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is a global standard that recognizes organisations that fulfil stringent sustainable efforts including wildlife conservation, soil and water conservation, occupational health and safety requirements, waste management, fair treatment and good working conditions for workers.

Both plantation companies undertook numerous innovative and creative measures to preserve the environment and consistently follow good agricultural practices. In efforts to meet the energy requirements while reducing the consumption of non-renewable sources, both plantations have effectively used tea waste, paddy husk and saw dust to generate energy for the manufacturing process, resulting in lower net carbon emissions.

In addition to the Rainforest Alliance certification, four factories from Agras Region and three factories from the Uva Region under Agrapatana plantations have secured ISO 2005:22000 and 9001:2015 certifications, whereas six factories under the Kotagala plantations have secured the ISO 2005:22000 9001:2015 certifications. The company is confident that all processing centres including refuse tea factories will be ISO 2005:22000 certified before the year ends.

Sources : dailyNews

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