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HighVoltage PR completes third year of operations

2019-Jun-11 by  News Admin  

Offering PR services to the nation, HighVoltage PR has reached its third successful year of operations.

“The experience and knowledge I have gained during my time as a journalist and mastering the public relations and communication aspect of leading corporate entities has enabled me to retain a sound stance in the industry as a responsible, trusted go-to PR agency,” stated Supun Dias, Managing Director of HighVoltagePR.

As the country grows in the sector of PR, every industry including SMEs depend on strong PR messages that goes to its target market, to make their businesses grow and keep growing.

HighVoltagePR has been sending out these strong messages to the target audiences and getting expected results for their clientele throughout the past three years of operations.

Since April 2016, the agency has been at the forefront of managing the newspaper visibility, running and managing website campaigns, engaging in content writing, translations, designing and managing advertising campaigns successfully.

The company provides tailor-made solutions to reach the client’s requirements.

HighVoltagePR’s clientele represents sectors in healthcare, automobile, financial services, leading chambers, fashion retailers, shipping and logistics, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who have all been satisfied with the agency’s services and continue to be loyal customers.

Sources : dailyNews

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