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Sunsilk Hairstory 2018 : Retells the Hair Story of Sri Lankan Girls

2018-Mar-20 by  News Admin  

It’s 2018 and the roles we each play have evolved significantly. Girls in particular, are no longer limited to identifying themselves with simply one personality. However, with the limitless personas today’s girls have become accustomed to playing, if there is one thing that keeps letting them down, it is their hair. To tie it all up in order, Sunsilk, together with hair and beauty expert Ramani Fernando, have come together to give you the year’s sixteen ultimate hair trends at Sunsilk Hairstory 2018.

“It’s true that Sri Lankan girls do not often experiment with their own hair. Most girls will either pull their hair back in a ponytail or bun or simply just let it down, regardless of the occasion. Sunsilk is here to show them that their hair is something exciting and versatile, and can add much value to any person or occasion. Sunsilk Hairstory 2018 will give Sri Lankan girls a glimpse of how they can unleash the potential of their own hair, and be their versatile best,” said Munazza Rafeek, Brand Manager for Sunsilk Sri Lanka.

The ultimate hair trends are meant to help experiment, empower and emancipate all while complementing the multiple roles that women today take on in their lives. From the successful careerwoman, to the fitness fanatic, to the university student or popular socialite, Sunsilk Hairstory 2018 and Ramani Fernando have a trend in store for everyone willing to experiment.

“Girls have many ways that help define their style. Be it the clothes they wear, shoes they slip on or the makeup that helps illuminate their face, every aspect helps bring in more personality and depth to the style they are keen on creating. With the Sunsilk Hair Stories, we intend to add one more layer to this personality by creating looks that will make their look complete,” said Ramani Fernando.

Sunsilk has always been at the forefront of making a difference and initiating change in the hair and beauty of Sri Lankan girls. Through the initiative of curating Hair Stories for 2018, Sunsilk has been able to recraft and revive Sri Lankan girls helping them capture the different personalities they lead. More details on this initiative can be found by visiting the Sunsilk Sri Lanka Facebook page.

Sources : Ada Derana

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