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Brand new car registration up in July

2017-Aug-28 by  News Admin  

The registration of brand new motor cars has increased by 17% month on month (July) said J. B. Securities in their monthly Vehicle Registration review.

Accordingly, Micro observed growth in the “Panda” car; Renault observed growth in the “KWID” and Tata observed the most significant growth in their “Nano Twist XTA”.

The small car segment share improved from 92.6% to 93.8%. Financing share for large cars increased from 26.8% to 53.5%. Financing share for medium cars increased from 30.5% to 57.1% and financing share for small cars decreased from 61.6% to 57.9%. Overall financing share for brand new motor cars marginally decreased from 59.1% to 57.8%.

Pre-owned motor cars increased by 13.7% MoM. Toyota, Suzuki and Honda observed growth in pre-owned registrations. Medium car segment share increased from 49.2% to 51.7%.

Overall premium cars have declined from 94 in June to 65 in July. Brand new premium cars remained the same with Mercedes Benz leading the way with growth observed in the E-Class.

Sources : dailynews

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