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Vallibel Finance honoured with two golden accolades from LMD

2017-Oct-31 by  News Admin  

Vallibel Finance is proud to be named both ‘Sector Winner’ of the Finance and Leasing Sector and ‘Most Respected Finance/Leasing Company’ in the Lanka Monthly Digest’s – LMD’s Most Respected Rankings 2017.

This recognition coincides with the 10th year anniversary celebrations of Vallibel Finance, thus making2007-2017a decade of excellence. Vallibel Finance was also ranked 22nd in the Main List of ‘Top 100 Most Respected Companies’ with four gold and four bronze medals.This achievement not only recognizes Vallibel Finance as the No. 1 in its chosen sphere, but also places it on par with other illustrious and successful companies connected to the Vallibel Group like Hayleys, Sampath Bank, LB Finance, Singer Sri Lanka and Royal Ceramics; all of which appear in the LMD ‘Most Respected’ rankings ‘Top 100 Most Respected Companies’ in Sri Lanka.

Backed by the towering strength of the Vallibel Group, Vallibel Finance has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2007 and is today ‘one of the fastest growing financial entities in Sri Lanka, offering customers a host of financial solutions to improve and simplify their transactions and lives’.

“It’s a great pleasure to see this young company, that’s part of the Vallibel Group, performing beyond our expectations and carrying our flag to unexpected heights of financial excellence and national recognition,” said Dhammika Perera, Founder Chairman of Vallibel Finance.

Commenting on this achievement, Jayantha Rangamuwa, Managing Director of Vallibel Finance said, “This is a solid victory and a good indication of our worth and standing within the business community. Our work ethic has always been to understand the pulse of our stakeholders and develop financial products that are specifically tailored to suit their needs.

An accolade of this nature proves we are on the right track and I have no doubt that this will fuel our determination to reach even greater heights in the future.”

Sources : dailynews

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