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India has committed further assistance of up to $ 318 million to Sri Lanka’s railway sector, Indian Premier Narendra Modi told lawmakers during his visit to Sri Lanka last week.
“We will continue our development partnership.
“We will be guided by your Government. And, we will do so with the same level of transparency that we expect in our own country,” the premier said.
He also made reference to the agreement signed between the two countries on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
“More than anywhere else in the region, I see enormous potential to expand cooperation with Sri Lanka in areas such as agriculture, education, health, science and technology, and space. Indeed, we are limited only by our imagination,” Modi said. The Indian premier pledged to commence direct flights between Colombo and Benares (Varanasi) to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.
“People are at the heart of our relationship. When we connect people, bonds between nations become stronger. That is why we decided to extend the visa-on-arrival facility to Sri Lankan citizens,” Modi said. He said that Sri Lanka has the potential to be India’s strongest economic partner. “We will work with you to boost trade and make it more balanced. India’s trade environment is becoming more open. Sri Lanka should not fall behind others in this competitive world,” the Indian premier said while inviting Sri Lanka to conclude the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. 
Sources : sundayobserver

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