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Vallibel Finance relocates to own fort in downtown Galle

2017-Apr-26 by  News Admin  

Financial innovator Vallibel Finance called for a double celebration as it not only relocated to its own premises in Galle but a showpiece location in the heart of the popular town. Smack in the middle of downtown Galle, the location is the centre point of the Southern commercial hub, commanding prestige and prominence. The new premises while having two road frontages has a phenomenal view of the harbour too.

Vallibel’s new customer-centre lends a vibrant new look to the city centre and its enhanced infrastructure facilities will allow the financial trailblazer to bring its full spectrum of financial products and services to the people of Galle.

Vallibel Finance Managing Director Jayantha Rangamuwa said that the high-riding finance company is now the centre of attraction and it is a rare privilege to own a landmark location in such a historic city which is also known to be the informal capital of the intellectuals and entrepreneurs. Speaking in the aftermath of declaring open the spanking new customer-centre, Rangamuwa also stated that Galle stands out as a true Sri Lankan treasure and Vallibel Finance understands its incredible potential.

If tourism was Galle’s strong suit, business and trading come a close second. Galle’s multi-dimensional economy is boosted by the entrepreneurship of its people who also thrive in agriculture, fisheries, craft and industry, he said assuring the large gathering that his company will energise Galle’s engine of growth, readily assisting its people with financial products right for the times and the area.

Galle is a spectacular city that inspires the entire district further adrift of the bustling city centre. It’s a tourist attraction that plays host to visitors from around the world. As a company attuned to understanding the true aspirations of a diverse people we are recommitting ourselves to people of Galle, he said. 

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