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Minister Daya Gamage invites entrepreneurs to join hands to boost economy

2017-Sep-07 by  News Admin  

Primary Industries Minister Daya Gamage extended an open invitation to entrepreneurs to join hands with him to boost the growing economy with added foreign exchange via exporting more small and medium size products from Sri Lanka.

Addressing the Members of the Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL) at the awards ceremony of INCO 2017 (the industrial exhibition and trade fair which promoted industrial excellence), held at the Golden Rose Hotel at Borelasgamuwa, the Minister said that his Ministry was ever willing to support them to come up to the level he had reached as a businessman long before he entered active politics.

Congratulating the award winners for the best exhibits they had displayed at the Exhibition, the Minister said Government counts very much on the performance of his Ministry, which is trying its best to meet the challenge of creating one million employment opportunities.

“I shoulder the responsibility of seeking innovative methods of doubling the exports of agricultural, aqua cultural and other selected value added goods by the year 2020. This in turn would undoubtedly help this government to realize its dream of creating one million jobs by that period of time,” the Minister said.

“I firmly believe that professionals like you who come under the umbrella of IIESL could be a strong hand of our government‘s commitment to increase value added production within our country, sharing our knowledge, skills and technology among all Sri Lankans, especially the youth, our hope and future of Sri Lanka, covering youth from all four corners of the country, from cities, towns and villages, developed, underdeveloped and remote rural areas alike,” he said.

The exhibition was useful to share knowledge with the youth, guiding them in their pursuance of becoming innovative entrepreneurs, producers of value added goods, either meant for export or to be substitute for imports whereby they save much needed foreign exchange, the Minister observed.

“Your organization with a vision to be the most customer focused industrial exhibition in the whole of South Asia and taking the role to create the largest and the most diverse assembly of industrial sectors and making it the fertile ground for players here and overseas as your mission to innovatively display and actively promote appropriate and affordable state-of-the-art technology and services that would play a vital role in the development of the country is admirable."

Minister Gamage said: “I, as an entrepreneur and person showing great interest in engineering innovation, extend my warmest regard to the organizers giving the opportunity to enhance and at the same time share our knowledge of skills and technology exhibited ever since the very first INCO exhibition, where my company wa, on a few occasions, the sponsor of this great event."

"This year, the INCO Exhibition and Trade Fair, I believe, created the necessary atmosphere to go forward, nurturing an environment conducive to healthy living and interaction, networking among all the stakeholders in promoting and raising the quality and standards of the products manufactured locally and in assisting the establishment of business contracts with other countries," the Minister said. 

Sources : dailynews

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